Release of water from Hardap Dam offer lifeline to Hardap farmers

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-Farmers in the Hardap Region say the life span of their crops and lucerne has been extended by at least three weeks, thanks to the release of one million cubic litres of water from the Hardap Dam last week when it had an inflow of almost three million cubic litres.

NAU says farmers will face challenges in rebuilding livestock sector after devastating drought

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-The Namibian Agricultural Union (NAU) says the next three years will be challenging in rebuilding the livestock sector after a devastating drought.

Hardap Farmers Association dismisses reports that Namwater will stop supplying water to irrigation schemes

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-The Chairperson of the Hardap Farmers Association, Dawie De Klerk has dismissed speculations that Namwater will stop providing water to irrigation schemes in the region at the end of this month.

Farmer calls on Government to assist livestock farmers affected by drought

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-A commercial farmer in Okahandja district, Albert Tjihero has called on the Government to assist in the re-stocking of livestock to farmers affected by the drought.

NAU calls on commercial farmers to work together

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-The executive manager of the Namibia Agricultural Union (NAU), Roelie Venter has called on commercial farmers to work together to make their undertakings more viable and successful.

Farmers advised to diversify to crop production

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-The past five years of drought in Namibia should act as a learning curve to many subsistence communal farmers.

Unfavourable weather patterns negatively affect farming communities

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-The unfavourable weather patterns over the past three years have caused many farming communities to produce below their set targets

Khorixas farmers receive fodder from Regional Council

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-With the severe drought experienced throughout the country, farmers are losing livestock in droves.

Ohangwena farmers urged to work hard to make use of the good rains

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-Ohangwena Governor Usko Nghaamwa is urging farmers in northern Namibia to work hard to make the most of the good rains received in the regions.

Farmers want to import GMO maize seeds

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-Namibian agronomic producers want to start importing genetically modified (GMO) maize seeds in the near future.