Farmers battle to keep livestock due to lack of sufficient rainfall

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Lack of sufficient rainfall experienced in some parts of Namibia has farmers on the edge of their seats, with many expecting more losses of livestock in the future.

Farmers acquire know-how on eliminating poisonous plants

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Farmers from Otjozondjupa and Omaheke Regions are now equipped with the necessary skills on how to deal with and protect their livestock from poisonous plants which is killing animals in the two regions.

PDM Member calls on government to introduce protective measures for farmers behind Red Line

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-A Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) member of Parliament is calling on government to introduce protective measures for cattle farmers behind the veterinary cordon fence, popularly known as the Red Line.

Government to continue creating conducive environment for farmers

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A two-day Agricultural Conference, looking into issues facing cooperatives and farmers' associations, was held at Otjiwarongo in the Otjozondjupa Region.

Resettled farmers urged to pro-actively contribute to food production

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-During a one day resettled farmers day for the Khomas Region farmers were urged to use the opportunity accorded them to ensure food security.

Relocated farmers living close to the Neckerdal Dam to be compensated

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-Seventeen farmers who were living along the banks of the Fish River, close to the Neckerdal Dam, have been relocated to other areas and will be compensated soon.

Meat Board warns northern communal against rapid cattle increase

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-Meat Board's Farmers' Mentorship Programme warns that cattle farming in the northern communal areas seems to be bursting at the seams.

Resettled //Karas farmers complete training

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Since the adoption of the support programmes under the Ministry of Land Reform, resettled farmers have participated in farmer information days, short courses and mentorship programmes. To date government has resettled 5 312 farmers under the land reform programme.

NAU urges new approach for both commercial and communal farmers

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-Organised farming is key to overcoming the global challenges facing commercial agriculture in Namibia and beyond.

AgriBank introduces new initiative to train and mentor farmers

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The up-scaling of farmers' productivity through training and mentorship will be the key focus of the Agricultural Bank of Namibia (AgriBank) during the next five years.