Livestock prices rise by almost 50% since April 2017

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Prices of livestock rose by almost 50% since April 2017, putting a smile on the faces of many farmers.

Lack of adequate financial support hampering farmers in Northern Communal Areas

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Lack of adequate financial support, market and infrastructural challenges for farmers in the Northern Communal Areas, are some of the factors hindering the country's livestock sector.

Otjozondjupa Governor warns resettled farmers against establishing lodges and guesthouses

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-Resettled farmers on Government units have been warned against turning their farms into lodges and guesthouses.

Use of genetically modified seeds provokes debate on farming methods

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The introduction and the use of genetically modified seeds by especially communal farmers has provoked a debate on how this will impact the preservation of indigenous knowledge and farming methods.

Otjozondjupa Police warn farmers to take extra precautions during the festive season

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Otjozondjupa Police have warned farmers to take extra precautions during the festive season, as cattle rustlers are particularly busy targeting the festive season.

Farmers surrender unlicensed war materials

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Many farmers have made use of the amnesty period to surrender their unlicensed war materials to the Police.

Farmers urged to reduce the number of livestock to mitigate the effects of droughts

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Reducing the number of livestock is one of the best ways for farmers to mitigate the effects of droughts in Namibia.

NNFU President wants auctions regularly to encourage farmers to sell their livestock

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The President of the Namibia National Farmers Union, Tobias Emvula, wants auctions to be held on a regular basis to encourage farmers to sell their livestock.

Kavango East farmers to be represented on National Land Policy Committee

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Farmers in the Kavango East Region will now be represented on the National Land Policy Committee.