Recreational fishermen urge Government to allow angling during state of emergency

by editor1 / Apr 25, 2020 / 0 comments

-Recreational fishermen at Swakopmund are appealing for the Government to allow angling during the state of emergency.

Samherji agrees to reimburse Namibian fishermen stranded after withdrawal of two vessels

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-The SAGA Seafood Namibia and the operating company for Icelandic fishing company, Samherji had agreed to remunerate fishermen for the two-weeks that they did not work.

Nujoma welcomes Government's directives to reinstate fishermen

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-Founding President Sam Nujoma welcomed the Government's directives to reinstate dismissed and retrenched fishermen.

Former fishermen at Walvis Bay tell their stories of struggles after job losses

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-A strike in 2015, to petition fishing companies in Lüderitz and Walvis Bay to pay their workers overtime, proper safe working conditions and night shift allowances, led to a thousand of those workers dismissed from their work after the strike was deemed illegal.

Retrenched Walvis Bay fishermen protest against corruption

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-Some former fishermen at Walvis Bay held a protest condemning corruption in the fishing sector.

NBC refutes allegations made by concerned group of fishermen

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NBC's Chief for News and Programming Menesia Muinjo refuted fishermen's allegations, saying the broadcaster has built a reputable track record of unbiased and responsible reporting.

Fishermen unhappy with NBC news coverage

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Fishermen, who went on an illegal strike at Walvis Bay in 2015, are not happy with the way the NBC has been covering their activities

Two Zambian fishermen killed by hippos on Lake Liambezi

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-Two Zambian fishermen were killed by a crash of hippos around 11h00 on Friday on Lake Liambezi, at Muyako, in Katima Rural Constituency.

Dismissed fishermen at Walvis Bay still hopeful for a solution

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-It would appear no assistance is yet forthcoming, to address the plight of dismissed fishermen at Walvis Bay and Luderitz.

Swakopmund anglers demand reduction in permit fees

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Some informal fishermen along the coast are concerned about making ends meet after the recently implemented increase in fishing permit fees.