Sikondo flood victims relocated to higher ground

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People from close to 360 homesteads at Sikondo Village in the Kapako Constituency of the Kavango West Region, were on Wednesday relocated to higher ground after their homes were submerged in water, earlier this year.

Floods cause excessive damage to crop fields in Sangwali

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-Zambezi Governor, Alufea Sampofu says the damage caused by floods to crop fields in the community of Sangwali is excessive.

Windhoek residents fear their dwellings could be washed away by heavy rains

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-While rain brings relief, some residents of Windhoek's Moses Garoeb Constituency spend sleepless nights wondering about their safety, fearing that their dwellings could be washed away by heavy rains.

City of Windhoek says it is prepared for any flood emergencies

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City of Windhoek

-The City of Windhoek has not recorded any fatalities to date due to flooding around the city, but says it remains prepared for any emergencies, should they arise.

Windhoek residents called to avoid building shacks in riverbeds

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-The City of Windhoek is urging residents perturbed by the heavy rains, to take precautions rather than sit around waiting for flooding.

Snyfontein community urges Government to move them out of flood-prone areas

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-The community of Snyfontein in the //Kharas Region is urging the Government to relocate them from flood-prone areas.

//Kharas farmers fear floods might cause infrastructure damage

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-Some farmers, particularly those residing downstream in the //Kharas Region, fear heavy rains could damage infrastructure as three major dams are fast filling up and this could lead to flooding.

Heavy rainstorms and floods expected over coming days

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-The Ministry of Works and Transport's Meteorological Department has warned that the country is expected to receive heavy rainstorms between Thursday and Saturday.

Kunene environmental activist walks 580 kilometres in 21 days to raise awareness about floods

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-Environmental activist Owen Muhenje from Epupa in the Kunene Region has continued his journey of raising awareness on environmental cleanliness and how to address floods.

Katima Mulilo residential areas flooded following recent good rains

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-Absence of a proper drainage system at Katima Mulilo has resulted in flooding in many residential areas, following good rains received over the past few days.