Zambezi River brings floods and fish

by editor / Apr 15, 2017 / 0 comments

-Flooding of the Zambezi River has now crossed the Bukalo Bridge and is well on its way to Lake Liambezi, as the Zambezi continues to overflow its banks.

Zambezi relocates two schools and close two others

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Zambezi Regional Council relocates two schools and close two others.

Schools in some regions affected by floods

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A total of 27 000 learners from 102 schools in the Omusati, Oshana, Ohangwena and Zambezi regions are affected by the floods.

Families requested to evacuate pensioners in flood affected areas

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-Family members of pensioners in areas affected by floods are urged to move them to higher ground as homesteads are surrounded by water, putting their lives at risk.

Flooded Lisikili villagers urge government to provide them with temporary shelter

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Floods in the Zambezi region continue to displace rural communities, while causing damage to property.

Abnormally high sea temperatures results in flooding in Peru

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-Abnormally high sea temperatures have resulted in heavy rains and flooding in Peru, the worst the country has experienced in two decades.
This year, rains and floods have killed 70 people with more than 70 000 others left homeless.

Heavy rains displace families in northern Namibia

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The flood wave from Ondjiva in southern Angola, known locally as efundja, has crossed into areas near the Namibia-Angola border.

Over 3 500 people to be evacuated in Zambezi

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-More than 3 500 people could face evacuation in the Kabbe North and Kabbe South constituencies of the Zambezi Region, if the Zambezi River continues to rise.

Flash floods leave Katima residents homeless

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Residents of informal settlements in some parts of Katima Mulilo are now left homeless after flash floods swept through the town.