//Kharas Regional Council starts animal fodder distribution

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-The //Kharas Regional Council has started with the distribution animal fodder, water and food to the beneficiaries of the drought relief food.

WFP food distribution starts in Kavango East

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US Embassy

The US Embassy, in collaboration with the Office of the Prime Minister and the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP), have started with the food distribution in the Kavango East Region on Wednesday.

Divundu a food basket for all correctional facilities

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-The Divundu Correctional Facility in Kavango East Region has become the food basket for all correctional facilities and police stations in Namibia.

Penehupifo Pohamba Community Trust donates food to Ohangwena organisations

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-Penehupifo Pohamba Community Trust donated food to Tutekula Children Organisation and Fraceline Special Academy Centre at Onhuno in the Ohangwena Region.

Listeriosis outbreak causes 176 deaths in South Africa

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-There have been about 1 000 patients and at least 176 deaths in South Africa since January 2017, from the bacteria transmitted through food.

Khomas Regional Council donates food to 50 residents of Hatsamas

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-About 50 residents of Hatsamas received food parcels from the Khomas Regional Council, as part of an extension of World Food Day commemorations, which is observed on 16 October.

Ocean Gate Fishing donates food hampers to Grunau elderly

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-In the spirit of Harambee, 53 senior citizens at Grunau settlement in the //Karas Region were provided with food hampers worth N$50 000 by Ocean Gate Fishing.

Backyard gardens can play a role in integrated food system

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-Home backyard gardens may not be the complete answer to food insecurity, but they can play a significant role as part of an integrated food system.

2,2 million South Africans cannot afford to buy food

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Affording food is a big issue in South Africa, a recent study by Statistics South Africa, a national statistical service, showed that one in five households runs out of money every month.

"The food donated to the food bank will not rot in warehouses"-Government

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The Government has assured donors that the food donated to the food bank will not rot in warehouses while people go hungry.