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Swapo defends Founding President Sam Nujoma's house renovations

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Swapo has condemned alleged attacks by some media houses and individuals on social media targeting Founding President Sam Nujoma.

Founding President give senior citizens in Oshakati a surprise Christmas treat

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Senior citizens from Oshakati, Ongwediva and surrounding areas were treated to a surprise "meet and greet" by Founding President Sam Nujoma, at a Christmas luncheon held in their honour.

Etunda farm school for farm workers’ children - Founding President Sam Nujoma

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Founding President Sam Nujoma expressed disappointment over children of farm workers who are without education while children of white farm owners attend school.

Founding President pays homage to those who died in the 1978 Cassinga massacre

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Founding President, Sam Nujoma says people who perished in the Cassinga massacre are heroes and heroines of the revolution and they will forever be remembered for their heroic deeds.

Founding President opens Clemens Kashuupulwa Growth Centre at Oshikondiilongo village

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-Founding President, Sam Nujoma has called on Namibians to work hard, as the country strives to bring genuine economic independence.

Founding President wants culture to become new engine of economic development

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-Founding President Sam Nujoma wants culture to become the new engine of economic development.

Founding President happy with honouring of Etunda clinic, school pledges

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-Founding President Sam Nujoma says he is happy with the continued honouring of pledges towards the finalisation of the Etunda Clinic and Primary School.

Founding President says Namibia's history cannot be told without mentioning certain countries

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-Founding President Sam Nujoma says Namibia's history cannot be told without mentioning countries which made immense contribution to the liberation struggle.

Nujoma stresses importance of cultural heritage at annual Omagongo festival

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Founding President Dr Sam Nujoma says cultural heritage is an important factor in maintaining cultural diversity, especially in the face of rising globalisation.