//Karas Governor lobbying for funds towards the search of Mandela Nakale

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-//Karas Governor, Aletha Frederick is working on allocating funds for the search of the missing three-year-old Mandela Nakale.

Churches not happy with Financial Intelligence Centre’s call to monitor funds

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The call by the Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) for all nonprofit organisations, including churches, to register in order to monitor the movement of their money, has been received with mixed reactions.

Message informing Namibians that they qualify for N$30 000 from SSC is a hoax

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New Era

-The Social Security Commission (SSC) has dismissed as false a message being shared on social media, that informs Namibians that they qualify for funds of up to N$30 000 from the commission.

Oranjemund councillor defends use of NCCI to buy SME equipment

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-The //Kharas Regional Council has failed to observe its own procurement processes and standing rules when it deposited a cash amount of N$503 000 into the account of the Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry's (NCCI) Oranjemund branch.

Government says drought relief funds not enough for all affected communities

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-The Government says the drought relief budget is still not enough to cater for all the affected communities, despite contributions from local international donors.

Omaheke residents protest alleged misappropriation of funds by regional council officials

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-Some concerned Residents in Omaheke took to the streets of Gobabis in protest against the alleged misappropriation of funds by the Regional Council and the Chief Regional Officer.

Namibia condemns illicit financial flows from Africa

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The Namibian Government condemns illicit financial flows from the continent and has expressed grave concern over the billions of dollars leaving Africa and depriving it of its needed development potential.

Rundu Town Council seeks funds to service over 4 000 plots

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-The Rundu Town Council is seeking funds to service over 4 000 plots.

Swapo in Oshana Region raises funds to construct office

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-Swapo Party members and sympathisers raised over N$160 000 towards the construction of Okatana Swapo District Office in the Oshana Region.

Wuparo Conservancy replaces 'cash to members' with tangible service delivery

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-The Wuparo Conservancy in the Zambezi Region will not distribute cash to its members this year, but will instead use the funds for tangible developments such as the installation of water and electricity in the area.