German government agrees to act on a vandalized poster of President Geingob

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Embassy of the Republic of Namibia in Germany

-The German government has agreed to remove a vandalized poster of President Hage Geingob, displayed on an advertising billboard in Frankfurt.

Committee on genocide and repatriations wants 29 May recognised as Genocide Remembrance Day

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-Namibia wants Germany to apologise in the National Assembly on 29 May any year, for atrocities committed against the Ovaherero, Ovambanderu, and Nama communities in 1904-1908.

Namibia, Germany to conclude last round of genocide talks

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-Namibia and Germany are to conclude the last round of genocide talks, after which a report will be presented to President Hage Geingob.

Genocide consultations between Namibia and Germany remain confidential

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-The new German ambassador to Namibia, Herbert Beck says consultations on the Herero/Nama Genocide between Namibia and Germany are confidential.

MAWF receives vehicles from Germany

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GIZ Namibia

-The shortage of transport to do inspections on farmers applying for bush clearance and biomass utilisation could be something of the past, thanks to a donation of three vehicles by Germany to the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry (MAWF).

Germany pledges seeds and fertiliser to Namibia

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-The Federal Republic of Germany has pledged to provide seeds and fertiliser for the season, to rural farming households that recorded crop failures during 2018/19 due to drought.

Germany optimistic that genocide talks could be concluded soon

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-Germany is optimistic that talks between Namibia and Germany over the 1904 to 1908 Namibia genocide will be concluded soon.

23 Namibian artefacts expected to return from Germany next year

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-A total of 23 artefacts of Namibian origin are expected to return to Namibia from Germany during the course of next year.

Germany to invest N$2 billion over two years in Namibia

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Germany plans to invest about N$2 billion in Namibia over the next two years.

Germany wants to speed up genocide negotiations - Müller

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Germany has reiterated the desire to speed up genocide negotiations with Namibia.