Mbetjiha calls for financial assistance

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-One of SKW’s Under-19 Football team’s player Moses Mbetjiha, is appealing for financial assistance to make the trip possible to Germany in May 2018.

Germany willing to apologise unwilling to acknowledge genocide

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-Germany is willing to apologise for the atrocities committed against the Nama and Ovaherero communities but not to acknowledge this act as genocide.

Ovaherero/Nama Genocide Committee and Germany to start negotiations outside of court

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The Ovaherero/Nama Genocide Committee and Germany are expected to start negotiations on reparations over the 1904-1908 genocide outside of court.

Ovambanderu Traditional Authority trust Government on genocide negotiations with Germany

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-The Ovambanderu Traditional Authority has reiterated its support for the Government's Special Envoy on the 1904 genocide negotiations with German.

Germany pledges N$2 billion to fund a number of projects in Namibia

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Germany has pledged N$2 billion to fund a number of projects in Namibia.

Namibia still awaits Germany's expression of commitment regarding reparations

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-Namibia is still awaiting an expression of commitment from Germany regarding reparation from the 1904-08 war and genocide.

Namibia, Germany sign Okahandja industrial park construction agreement

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Namibia and Germany signed a cooperation agreement that could see the construction of a residential and industrial park in Okahandja.

German organisation renovates Swakopmund Primary School classrooms

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-Sonnerkinder project through the German government has handed over three blocks of renovated classrooms to Swakopmund Primary School.

Ovaherero and Nama people take Germany to court in USA

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-Representatives of the Ovaherero and Nama people are suing the German government for financial reparations for the 1904-1908 genocide in Namibia.

Germany and Namibia sign a co-operation agreement

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Germany and Namibia have signed a two year financial and technical cooperation agreement worth 1,1 billion dollars.