German organisation renovates Swakopmund Primary School classrooms

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-Sonnerkinder project through the German government has handed over three blocks of renovated classrooms to Swakopmund Primary School.

Ovaherero and Nama people take Germany to court in USA

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-Representatives of the Ovaherero and Nama people are suing the German government for financial reparations for the 1904-1908 genocide in Namibia.

Germany and Namibia sign a co-operation agreement

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Germany and Namibia have signed a two year financial and technical cooperation agreement worth 1,1 billion dollars.

Namibia and Germany celebrate existing bilateral relations

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Namibia and Germany this week celebrated existing bilateral relations, and have committed to further improve these as the two countries marked German Unity Day.

The 26 years of bilateral relations between Namibia and Germany promising-Christian Schlage

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German Ambassador to Namibia Christian Schlage noted that the 26 years since Germany's reunification and Namibia's independence in March 1990 are marked by ever-growing intensity of their bilateral relations, while the prospects for further improvement are promising.

Negotiations between Namibia and Germany to start

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The formal negotiations between Namibia and Germany on the 1904-1908 Genocide will commence next week.

Government concerned about Germany's sharing of information on reparation negotiations.

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The Government has expressed concern that Germany has shared part of the discussions on the ongoing genocide reparation negotiations between the two countries.