Namibia and Ghana sign trade bilateral agreement

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Namibia and Ghana signed a general cooperation framework agreement on Thursday which aims to promote bilateral trade in line with strengthening trade relations between the two countries.

INTERVIEW | Business News founder Emmanuel Dogbevi on Ghana recording 17 COVID-19 deaths

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-Ghana has recorded 17 COVID-19 deaths, more than 2 000 COVID-19 confirmed cases and 212 recoveries - a week after lifting the lockdown restrictions.

Namibia, Ghana host online video contest to engage youth on the impact of social media

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-Namibia, in collaboration with Ghana, hosted an online video contest to engage young people in sharing their views, stories and reflection on the impact of social media.

Church leaders tackle moral issues in partnership with Namibia, Ghana governments

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-The governments of Namibia and Ghana, in cooperation with church leaders, have joined forces to deal with the moral issues plaguing Namibia.

Former World Champion to battle for WBO Africa Belt

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-Windhoek-Former World Boxing Association Champion Paulus "The Hitman" Moses is counting down the hours ahead of the 45th bout in his boxing career.

Namibian delegation in Ghana to expore key sectors

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A Namibian delegation of about 20 experts is visiting Ghana to explore new ways in key sectors, such as tourism, agriculture, aviation, and mining between the two countries.

Ghana to host 2018 World Press Freedom Day global celebration

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-Ghana will host the global celebration of World Press Freedom Day in Accra next year.

Ghana celebrates 60 years of independence

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-Ghana is celebrating its 60th birthday. It was the first African nation declaring independence back in 1957 and Ghanaians are taking the day off to party.

Ghanaian scientists develop a sweet potato to alleviate malnutrition

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Scientists in Ghana have been developing a type of sweet potato they believe can help alleviate child malnutrition. The orange-fleshed sweet potato has high levels of Vitamin A, which assists in child development.

Out-going Ghanaian High Commissioner bids farewell to President Geingob

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The out-going Ghanaian High Commissioner is optimistic that his successor will ensure successful implementation of agreements signed under the Permanent Joint Cooperation Commission with Namibia.