Government spends N$400 000 on drought relief in Omaheke

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Poor rainfall has led to an increase in veldfire outbreaks in the Omaheke Region.

Government to build more toilets

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World Health Organisation

-The government says it hopes to increase the construction of toilets countrywide by the year 2030.

Walvis Bay Corridor Group officer urges government to invest in infrastructure development through PPPs

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-A senior officer at the Walvis Bay Corridor Group has urged government to invest in infrastructure development through public-private partnership.

Government committed to implement Land Conference resolutions

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-The Namibian Government says it is committed to implement the resolutions adopted at the just-ended second National Land Conference in the capital.

MUN calls for Government intervention in Tantalite Mine retrenchments

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-The Mineworkers Union of Namibia (MUN) has called on the Government to intervene in the recent retrenchment of 94 employees at Tantalite Mine.

Hambukushu Traditional Authority calls on government to respect colonial borders

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-The Hambukushu Traditional Authority's Fumu Erwin Mbambo has called on government to respect the colonial borders.

Residents of Government flats live in dire conditions

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-Civil servants are living in abject conditions in several government-owned flats in Windhoek.

Integrated policies required to prevent wastage through social safety nets

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An integrated policy to guide Government in implementing social safety nets can prevent the wastage of resources.

SADC Summit exhibitors applaud government for free platform to showcase their products

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Exhibitors at the SADC Summit currently underway in Windhoek have applauded the government for giving them a platform to showcase their products.

Namibian Government supports Shoprite consumer boycott

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-Government is in support of consumer boycott against Shoprite.