Pro-VTC Hotel School graduates laud vocational training benefits

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-Graduates from Pro-VTC Hotel School are appealing to Government and the Namibian Training Authority (NTA) to support vocational training institutions calling these the backbone of the country's economy.

Over 400 NUST spring graduates encouraged to come up with new perspectives of development

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Ministry of Higher Education

-Higher Education, Training and Innovation Minister says the Development Bank of Namibia and relevant ministries are trying to unite and work on a scheme to ensure job creation for young graduates, and so tackle the issue of unemployment in the country.

O&L Group takes 7 graduates into mentorship programme

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The Olthaver and List Group has taken seven graduates under a mentorship programme Talent Attraction programme.

UNAM graduates urged to use their skills to develop the country

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Unam Chancellor Nangolo Mbumba has called on graduates to use the skills and knowledge they gained to improve the standards of living in their communities.

UNAM chancellor urges graduates to contribute to the development of the country

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UNAM Chancellor, Nangolo Mbumba says graduates who gained theoretical and practical proficiency in various academic disciplines, are expected to address the development challenges facing Namibia.

More than 900 UNAM students graduate in the Faculty of Education

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Over 900 students from the University of Namibia (UNAM) graduated in the Faculty of Education this year.

Over 560 UNAM education and social sciences students graduate in Windhoek

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Over 560 students from the Faculties of Education and Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Namibia (UNAM) received their tertiary qualifications in Windhoek, on Thursday.

Teaching graduates demand jobs

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-A group of unemployed teaching graduates have gathered at the regional education office in Rundu demanding jobs.

172 children of the Liberation Struggle graduate at Berg Aukas

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-172 children of the Liberation Struggle have graduated at Berg Aukas Youth Skills Training Centre, in Grootfontein.

Struggle kids urged to integrate into Namibian society

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"You have become part of the Namibian house, you are no more struggle kids," this was the message to the 176 struggle kids who graduated at the Khai//Ganaxab Youth Skills training centre in the Hardap Region.