Namibian farmers appeal for grazing land from Angola

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-Communal farmers from the Ohangwena Region are appealing to Government to negotiate with the Angolan Government to allow them to graze their animals there during the drought.

Angolan government warns northern farmers to stop grazing on their land

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The grazing of Namibian cattle in neighbouring Angola is illegal as the governments of the two countries have not signed an agreement in this regard, Ohangwena Governor Usko Nghaamwa has said.

Otjivero-Omitara community faces grazing crisis

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-The community of Otjivero-Omitara settlement, situated some 30 kilometres north of Gobabis, is facing grazing crisis.

Road users condemn the danger stray cattle pose on the B1 road

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Road users have criticised farmers grazing their cattle without proper supervision alongside the B1 main road.

Dispute over grazing lands family and their animals on the highway

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-While the festive mood prevails over most of the nation, a family of eighteen at Farm Gurumanas do not know what is to become of them.