Groot Aub

GBV rife at Groot Aub

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Gender-based violence (GBV) is a serious concern to the police in the Windhoek Rural Constituency, especially at Groot Aub.

Land grabbing continues at Groot-Aub

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-Despite a moratorium calling for no houses to be built on unserviced land at Groot Aub, this practice continues.

Groot Aub struggles with water supply

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The lack of consistent water supply continues to plague the community of Groot Aub located over 45 kilometres South-East of Windhoek with residents suggesting that they sometimes go days without water.

Windhoek Rural Councillor satisfied with Groot Aub development

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-The Windhoek Rural Constituency Councillor says progress has been made in developing Groot Aub.

Groot Aub resident left homeless

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Fifty-nine-year-old Maria Muinjo, a Groot Aub resident, is in distress as her only hope of ever owning a plot is about to vanish into thin air.

Groot Aub resident wants to provide skills training to youth

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-Everyone has the potential to turn their dreams to reality. To rise to that challenge though, requires focus and determination. Jeremia Kahambea has turned his life's hardships into opportunities for others.

Groot Aub residents disappointed with CoW decision to re-evaluate plots

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-Residents of Groot Aub settlement, south of Windhoek are disappointed with the City of Windhoek's decision to re-evaluate plots.

Minister Shaningwa hands over Groot Aub to City of Windhoek

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-The Minister of Urban and Rural Development, Sophia Shaningwa handed over the Groot Aub settlement to the City of Windhoek on Friday.

Mixed feelings at Groot Aub as handover day looms

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-Groot Aub settlement residents have mixed feelings over its transfer to the City of Windhoek, expected to take place this Friday.

Groot Aub Secondary girls not allowed to write exams because of their hair

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-More than five girls from Groot Aub Secondary School were not allowed to write exams because of their braided hairstyles.