Hage Geingob

President Geingob says investment proposals must first be discussed with line ministers

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-Although government welcomes investment proposals, it must first be discussed with line ministers before it reach State House.

President Geingob says government needs to revisit willing buyer willing seller concept

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The government is working hard to find a lasting solution to the land issue.

Willing buyer willing seller slow in satisfying the wishes of the majority - Geingob

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President Geingob, during his keynote address at the independence celebrations, reiterated Government's commitment to address the land issue.

SADC extra-ordinary summit commences in Swaziland

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The SADC extra-ordinary summit took place at Lozitha, Swaziland today.

President Geingob calls for cooperation with Spain to extend into football

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President Hage Geingob has appealed to the Spanish Ambassador to facilitate exchanges between Namibian football players and their counterparts in her country.

President Geingob calls on Namibians to remain united

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With the Swapo Party's elective congress slated for later this year, members are urged to avoid playing dirty and divisive politics to gain power.

President Geingob wants to reverse apartheid’s structural imbalances

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-Addressing a packed rally at Keetmanshoop, President Hage Geingob said government is criticised for blaming poverty on apartheid but it is a reality as the structural imbalances were created by colonial rule.

Geingob is Swapo President - Nangolo Mbumba

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-Hage Geingob is the President of the Swapo Party.

President Geingob calls for trust in government's handling of reparation talks

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Groups concerned over the government's handling of genocide reparation talks with the government of Germany should trust and back the government's team of negotiators.

Government asked to intervene in Ovaherero leadership dispute

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The Ovaherero/Ovambanderu and Nama Council for the dialogue on 1904-1908 genocide wants government to intervene and express itself on the title of Ombara Otjitambi designated to Vekuii Rukoro.