Hage Geingob

Namibia is not broke - Geingob

by editor / Feb 28, 2017 / 0 comments

President Hage Geingob says the Namibian and global economies are facing financial headwinds because of different factors and that, contrary to reports, Namibia is not broke.

President Geingob wants service delivery to improve

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-President Hage Geingob wants managers within the Presidency to establish set principles to help develop and maintain a culture of superior service delivery.

President Geingob says government inherited bloated civil service

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-Meanwhile, President Geingob has tasked presidential advisers to research on the public service structure of other countries and advise government.

NUDO wants President Geingob's intervention in reparation negotiations

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NUDO is seeking President Hage Geingob's direct intervention in negotiations for reparations, related to the 1904-1908 genocide.

Foreign heads of mission called to help tackle Namibia's socio-economic issues

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President Hage Geingob has called on the 'heads of foreign missions' in Namibia to assist in tackling income disparities, and the land issue.

Six diplomats present letters of credence to President Geingob

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-Various Foreign Heads of Mission are eager to expand their countries' relations with Namibia.

Intent to root out corruption sparked unjustified attacks against government - Geingob

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President Hage Geingob says the intent to root out corruption would spark attacks against government, sometimes even unjustified.

President Geingob opens fifth session of Parliament

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The tabling, and subsequent passing of bills in 2017 will depend on Parliamentarians' ability to remain united across the political divide, and across the three organs of State.

President Geingob urges Cabinet members to deliberate on the land issue

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Cabinet members have been urged to extensively deliberate on the sensitive land issue.

President Geingob hands over two-bedroom house to war veteran

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The task of delivering land and decent housing to Namibians who were left out due to past injustices is a mammoth task, but achievable.