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President Hage Geingob receives ancestral land rights final report

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-The Government will study the recommendations made by the Commission of Inquiry into Claims of Ancestral Land Rights and Restitution. This was said by President Hage Geingob when he received the commission's final report.

President Geingob visits late Jason Angula's family

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-President Hage Geingob, accompanied by Vice President Nangolo Mbumba, consoled Jason Angula's widow Eveline and children.

President Geingob sends condolences message to the Mandela family

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-President Hage Geingob has sent a message of condolences to the Mandela family, following the death of Zindziswa Nobuto Mandela.

President Geingob dismisses claims that SWAPO benefited directly from Fishrot

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-SWAPO President Hage Geingob has dismissed claims that the party has directly received funds from 'Fishrot' for its 2014 election campaign.

Regional governors report lack of support received from ministries to President Hage Geingob

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-Some regional governors have expressed dissatisfaction with a lack of support from some ministries in the coordination of developmental projects and programmes at the regional level.

President Geingob urges governors to avail empty mass houses to residents who need shelter

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-President Hage Geingob held a virtual conference with all 14 regional governors at State House today.

Erongo to remain in Stage 3 while other regions maintain Stage 4 measures

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Namibian Presidency

-President Hage Geingob has announced that the current Stage 4 measures will be maintained for all 13 regions with exception of the Erongo Region, which remains under Stage 3 until 3 August.

President Geingob describes Martin Shipanga's contributions in education as unmatched

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Namibian Presidency

-President Hage Geingob says he decided to bestow heroes status, on the late Martin Lazarus Shipanga, because his contributions in the education of Namibians is unmatched.

President Geingob congratulates new Malawian president

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-President Hage Geingob has congratulated Lazarus Chakwera on his election as Malawi's new president.

Namibia to transit to Stage 4, Erongo to Stage 3

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-Thirteen Namibian regions (excluding Erongo) will transit from Stage 3 to Stage 4 from 29 June 23h55 up to 17 September.