Municipality identifies higher ground for some Havana and Otjomuise residents

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-The Windhoek Municipality has identified higher ground for residents of Havana and Otjomuise who live close to riverbeds and mountains.

22 Havana Extension Two houses electrified

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-Twenty-two households in Havana's informal settlement's Extension Two now have electricity.

Twelve-year-old girl raped in Havana shack

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-A 12-year-old girl was raped by two unknown suspects at Havana.

Havana residents need ablution facilities

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-Residents of Havana's Samora Machel Constituency are in need of ablution facilities as a matter of urgency, as open defecation and the sharing of one toilet by a large number of people is becoming a health hazard.

Samora Machel residents demand service delivery from municipality

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-Over 2 000 residents of the Samora Machel Constituency signed a petition demanding municipal services in the informal settlements.

1 200 Windhoek informal settlement households will soon have electricity

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-About 1 200 households in Windhoek's Otjomuise and Havana informal settlements will soon be electrified through the municipality's electrification project to the tune of N$14 million.

NUDO launches manifesto in Havana informal settlement

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-The National Unity Democratic Organisation (NUDO) has promised to provide free basic education, health, housing and land if elected into power.

Friedrich Ebert Stiftung hosts children's art workshop in Havana Informal Settlement

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-In a bid to raise public awareness on the role of access to information has for children and the youth, the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung organised an art workshop in Windhoek's Havana Informal Settlement.

Havana residents complain about constant sewage stench

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-Blocked drains have become a headache for some residents of Windhoek's Havana Informal Settlement.

Havana's uncollected refuse now a health hazard

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Residents of Windhoek's Havana Informal settlement are complaining of garbage being dumped in front of their houses, leaving the area in an undesirable state.