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Access to health services a challenge for informal settlement residents

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-Access to health services is a challenge for those living in informal settlements.

Health Ministry warns about sharing masks

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-The Ministry of Health and Social Services has warned the public against the sharing of face masks.

Health Ministry to recruit over 2 600 people

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-The Ministry of Health will recruit 2 605 people at a cost of N$12 million over three months. So far 1 101 have been recruited, including 560 volunteers.
Bertha Katjivena, Deputy Executive Director in the Ministry of Health said they will approach the Labour Ministry to recruit candidates registered for recruitment by the health ministry, to fill temporary positions demanded in the fight against the pandemic.

Ministry of Health infrastructure is ready for increased COVID-19 cases

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-Executive Director of the Ministry of Health, Ben Nangombe said Namibia's health infrastructure is ready for the pandemic.

Health Ministry dismisses claims that they lost track of some high risk arrivals

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-The Ministry of Health and Social Services has dismissed as untrue an article by a local daily newspaper, which gave an impression that some of the arrivals in Namibia in March this year are lost and might be the source of community transmission.

Quarantine facilities ready to accommodate 1 500 people

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-The Director of Health Information and Research, Phillemona Ochorus said the first step for people arriving in the country is to screen them at points of entry, assess their travel history and check for any symptoms, they are then taken to mandatory quarantine.

Health Ministry says it has obligation to protect identity of patients

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-The Director of Primary Healthcare from the Ministry of Health and Social Services, Laimi Shoopala says anyone who comes into the country from any high-risk countries will be quarantined to pick up any COVID-19 related symptoms.

Health Minister says all returning Namibians will be quarantined

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-The Minister of Health and Social Services, Dr Kalumbi Shangula says, all Namibians and permanent residents returning from COVID-19-affected countries will be quarantined.

UNFPA hands over medical equipment to Health Ministry

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-The number of unplanned pregnancies, especially among rural women, continue to increase.

Health Ministry opens mobile clinic at Hosea Kutako International Airport

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-The Ministry of Health and Social Services has opened a mobile hospital at the Hosea Kutako International Airport (HKIA) to contain the Coronavirus in case of an outbreak.