Henties Bay

UNAM inaugurates desalinated seawater bottling unit and olive tree plantation at Henties Bay

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-The University of Namibia's Sam Nujoma campus has inaugurated a desalinated seawater bottling unit and an olive tree plantation at Henties Bay.

Health Ministry to release 1 200 people from quarantine at Henties Bay Isolation Facility

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-About 1 200 people currently kept at the Henties Bay Isolation Facility, for the past two months, are soon to be released.

People quarantined at Henties Bay up in arms over poor living conditions

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-People quarantined at a Henties Bay isolation facility are up in arms over what they termed poor living conditions.

Malicious damage to property case opened at Henties Bay

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New Era

-A case of malicious damage to property was opened at Henties Bay. A suspect attempted to burn down The Gallows, using methylated spirits.

Henties Bay Municipality approves N$85 million budget for 2020/2021

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-Henties Bay Municipality has approved a budget of N$85 million for the 2020-2021 financial year.

Labour Ministry urged to investigate unfair labour practices at Henties Bay

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-The Arandis Constituency councillor is calling on the Ministry of Labour to investigate exploitative and unfair labour practices at work-places at Henties Bay.

Henties Bay hosts fundraising dinner ahead of SME Development Expo

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Henties Bay Tourist Info Centre

-The Municipality of Henties Bay hosted a fundraising dinner where N$65 750 was raised to strengthen financial resources ahead of the upcoming SME Development Expo, to be held later this year.

Environmental trust wants Henties Bay to approve plastic bag levy

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-The Otto Herrigel Environmental Trust has taken the war against plastic bags to Henties Bay.

Henties Bay residents want their councillors removed

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A group of Henties Bay residents are demanding the removal of all the town's councillors, by 31 December.

Henties Bay Mayor accuses residents of bribing councillors

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The Henties Bay Mayor says he is excited to see residents exercising their democratic right.