hepatitis E

Hepatitis E cases in Windhoek increasing at a rapid rate

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-Hepatitis E has so far claimed six lives and the number of cases are fast increasing .

Havana Youth Group fights Hepatitis E outbreak

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-In a desperate move to stop the spread of the Hepatitis E outbreak in Windhoek's informal settlements, members of the Havana Youth Group took part in a clean-up campaign, also distributing free Hepatitis E prevention kits.

PDM says state hospitals' lack of hygiene could fuel Hepatitis E spread

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-The Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) has criticised a lack of hygiene at state hospitals, saying it risks the continued spread of Hepatitis E disease.

Hepatitis E outbreak blamed on poor living conditions

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Residents of the Havana and Goreangab Dam informal settlements say they are irked by the poor service delivery in the form of toilets, portable water, and uncollected rubbish, as they battle to contain the outbreak of Hepatitis E.

190 diagnosed with Hepatitis E

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About 190 people have been diagnosed with Hepatitis E, representing an increase of 22 cases from approximately 168 cases on Thursday.

Zero new cases of Hepatitis E recorded since outbreak

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No new cases of Hepatitis E have been recorded since the outbreak last week.

One dead, nine test positive for Hepatitis E

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-The Ministry of Health has declared an outbreak of Hepatitis E, for the first time in 34 years, after nine patients tested positive for the disease.

Dr Bernhard Haufiku confirms Hepatitis E outbreak in Windhoek

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-The Minister of Health and Social Services today confirmed a Hepatitis E outbreak, with at least one confirmed death, in Windhoek.