Human Trafficking

Influx of Angolans could encourage human trafficking - Home Affairs

by editor1 / Apr 09, 2021 / 0 comments

The Namibian Government is concerned that the current influx of Angolans into the country in search of greener pastures may encourage human trafficking.

US Ambassador applauds Namibia for excellent work in fighting human trafficking

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-The US Ambassador has applauded Namibia for the excellent work the country is doing in fighting human trafficking.

Martinus Pretorius found guilty of rape and human trafficking

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A former South African police officer who faces charges of rape and human trafficking, stemming from his reported actions at Swakopmund in 2012, was found guilty as charged in the High Court.

NAMPOL investigate reports of Namibian girls allegedly being trafficked as sex workers in South Africa

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-The Namibian Police Force (NAMPOL) has indicated that they cannot confirm or deny reports of local girls allegedly being trafficked as sex workers in South Africa.

COVID-19 is impeding efforts to combat human trafficking in Kavango East

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-Kavango East Governor Bonifatius Wakudumo said the effects of COVID-19 have made it more difficult for officials to combat human trafficking.

Namibia records 48 cases of human trafficking this year

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-Namibia needs to take a robust approach to stop human trafficking.

Minister Nandi-Ndaitwah calls on Namibians to report suspected human trafficking activities

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-Namibians are called upon to be vigilant against all acts of trafficking, especially during these trying times of COVID-19.

Young model advises others to be alert for human traffickers

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-A young model born and bred in the south of Namibia, advises aspiring models to be on the lookout for human traffickers posting as modelling agents.

Woman apologises for exploiting young girl

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-A woman found guilty of human trafficking earlier this year after luring a young girl to Okahandja where she exploited her sexually, on Wednesday extended a tearful apology to the victim and her family.

Namibians urged to report suspicious activities of Human Trafficking

by editor1 / Aug 19, 2019 / 0 comments

-Namibians are urged to report any suspicious activities of Human Trafficking to the police or relevant authorities.