Fuel price drop offers some relief to South Africans

by editor1 / Apr 06, 2017 / 0 comments

South Africans have reason to celebrate some relief at the pumps. The cost of all grades of fuel has dropped.

Congolese awaiting appointment of new Prime Minister

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Democratic Republic of Congo, citizens are awaiting word on who will be the new Prime Minister. The announcement will be made on Friday. President Joseph Kabila on Wednesday assured citizens the announcement will be made in 48 hours while addressing Parliament.

Women's group pioneers new projects in Tanzania

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Women in a remote village in Tanzania are working together to make money and support each other.

Brazilian President likely to be removed over illegal campaign funds

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Brazilian President Michel Temer is the subject of a hearing by the country's top electoral court for allegations of illegal campaign funding.

Zambian union officials call on South Africa for advice on disputes

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The Zambia Union of Government Employees has appealed to the South African Police Union to contribute to dispute resolutions in that country.

Nigeria wants Boko Haram victim camps closed

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The Nigerian government is planning to close down camps that have housed hundreds of thousands displaced by terrorist group, Boko Haram.

South Africa's new look cabinet sworn in

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South Africa's president Jacob Zuma has appointed 10 new ministers and 10 deputy ministers following one of the biggest culls of a cabinet since the advent of democracy.

Some Britons race the clock in a quest for German citizenship

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More than a million British expatriates live in the European Union and with Brexit, their fate is up in the air. Some are even considering changing their citizenship, though it may be a race against the clock.

South Africa's Finance Minister's job on the line again

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Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan's job appears to be on the line once more. Local media report that the top six of South Africa's ruling ANC has approved the removal of the minister.

Six aid wokers ambushed and killed in South Sudan

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Six aid workers were ambushed and killed in South Sudan over the weekend.