A Togolese entrepreneur cashes in on a traditional West African tea

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Kinke-liba is a traditional West African bush tea, said to have various healing properties. In fact, the locals swear by it. However, it is little known outside the region. One Togolese entrepreneur is hoping to change that by processing, packaging and marketing the drink in tea bags, with plans to export it.

Sierra Leone's diamonds fail to benefit those who mine them

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Sierra Leone has rich resources but all too often that's led to conflict, especially when it comes to diamonds.

International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

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Friday marks the international day for the illumination of violence against women.

Colombian government and FARC sign revised peace agreement

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Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos and the leader of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), Rodrigo Londono, signed a revised peace agreement in Bogota on Thursday.

African Union Commission

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The African Union Commission is impressed that so many professionals have shown interest in the positions within the commission.

US President-elect outlines his plans for first 100 days in office

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US President-elect Donald Trump has released a video, outlining some of the actions that he will implement when he takes office.

Haitians vote in country's long-delayed presidential election

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Millions of Haitians have cast their votes in the country's long-delayed presidential election.

Twin babies rescued from ritual killings in Nigerian village

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Here's a look into a Sanctuary established for twins who risk execution for a bizarre traditional belief. An hour's drive away from the Nigerian capital, Bassa people believe twins are evil- as such they are killed at birth.

New upgraded facilities at Victoria Falls Airport

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The new multi million dollar Victoria Falls airport has opened its new and upgraded facilities to the world.

Morocco strengthens trade relations with Ethiopia

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King of Morocco is on a three day state visit to Ethiopia.