Scientists in South Africa are promoting crops to boost food security

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One of the major problems of malnutrition in Africa is not hunger but food that is not nutritious.

Liberian authorities investigate negligence in death of Ebola heroine

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The Liberian health minister is investigating the death of one of the country's Ebola heroes.

EU lawmakers to vote on re-introducing visas for US citizens

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European Union lawmakers are set to vote in Brussels on Thursday on whether to re-introduce visas for United States citizens.

Thousands of Haitian migrants stranded at US-Mexico border

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Haitian migrants have found themselves stranded and unable to enter the United States due to strict new policies.

Nigeria rescues 41 girls being trafficked through Mali to Europe

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Nigeria authorities have rescued 41 girls from human trafficking. They were being smuggled through Mali to Europe.

Hundreds arrested in connection with anti-migrants violence

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Hundreds of people are arrested in connection with anti-migrants violence in South Africa.

UN urgently seeks billions to avert famine in Africa

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The United Nations has said several billions of US dollars are needed by the end of March to help millions at risk of starvation in Africa and elsewhere.

Thousands of Nigerians homeless after massive blaze

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Residents of Lagos in Nigeria are counting their losses after fire swept through the area over the weekend.

UN declares famine in South Sudan

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South Sudan's government and United Nations(UN) agencies have declared a famine in parts of the war-torn country, the first famine to be declared anywhere in the world for six years.

Mozambique counting the cost after Cyclone Dineo

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Mozambique is counting the cost of Cyclone Dineo. The storm swept through the country earlier this week.