Usakos Town Council meets with Unik over railway line jobs

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-Residents of Usakos and surrounding areas recently gathered on site of the ongoing railway refurbishment of the Kranzberg-Arandis railway line.

Disability Affairs Ministry to create employment for people with disabilities

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-Unemployment among people with disabilities continue to be a cause for concern in Namibia.

Ndjoze-Ojo confident of job opportunities for technical graduates despite economic challenges

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-Deputy Minister of Higher Education, Training and Innovation, Dr Becky Ndjoze-Ojo is confident there are still many opportunities for vocational training graduates to enter the job market despite the current economic challenges.

Scorpion, Rosh Pinah Zinc joint venture could prevent job losses

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-Approximately 2 000 jobs will be lost if the Ministry of Mines and Energy does not speedily approve a license for a new joint venture between Scorpion Zinc and Rosh Pinah Zinc Corporation in a company called Gergarub.

Businesspeople urged to create more jobs

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The Minister of Industrialisation, Trade and SME Development Tjekero Tweya is calling on champions of industry and SMEs to come up with better initiatives to create more jobs.

Namibians express lack of interest in international jobs

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Namibians appear to have no appetite for jobs at international multilateral institutions such as the African Union, World Bank and the United Nations.

Katutura Central gang members appeal for jobs

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-Meanwhile the gangs, while acknowledging their wrong doings appealed to the community to assist them in finding jobs.

Teaching graduates demand jobs

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-A group of unemployed teaching graduates have gathered at the regional education office in Rundu demanding jobs.

Tourism sector sustains 44 000 jobs in 2017

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New research shows the tourism sector directly sustained 44 000 jobs in 2017.

Irrigation scheme at Neckartal Dam expected to create 1 000 jobs

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The envisaged irrigation scheme of 5 000 hectares at the Neckartal Dam is expected to provide close to 1 000 jobs.