//Karas Youth Forum Chairperson confident that access to land will be addressed

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Despite only a handful of youth representatives at the just-ended second national land conference, the Chairperson of the //Karas Regional Youth Forum. Vivian de Koe is confident that youth concerns around access to affordable land, will soon be addressed.

Entrepreneurship development initiative launched at Keetmanshoop

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Kharas Youth Entrepreneurship Development Program

-An entrepreneurship development initiative, aimed at addressing youth unemployment was launched at Keetmanshoop.

Swapo's //Karas coordinator rejects reason for tantaline mine layoffs

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-The Swapo Party regional coordinator in the //Karas Region has rejected reasons given by tantaline mine management to retrench 94 of its workers.

Detailed geological mapping commences in //Karas

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The Geological Survey of Namibia is carrying out a detailed geological mapping of the //Karas Region to establish whether there are mineral resources.

//Karas Shack Dwellers Federation members to build 90 houses

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-The Shack Dwellers Federation in the //Karas Region has announced that about 90 houses will soon be built in the region.

Shortage of vocational training institutions in //Karas contribute to increased unemployed

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-With an unemployment rate of 23%, and nearly 6% of the population in the //Karas Region depending on farming for their livelihood, the shortage of vocational institutions in the region is said to contribute to the increase of unemployed and destitute young people.

//Karas Police ready for Easter weekend

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-The Police in the //Karas Region say they are ready to deal with all sorts of criminal activities during this Easter weekend.

//Karas Chairperson encourages officials to work hard to realise region's strategic plan

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-The Chairperson of the //Karas Regional Council, Jan Scholtz, has encouraged Chief Executives Officers and Councillors to roll up their sleeves and work towards realisation of the region's development strategic plan, which was adopted last year.

//Karas Regional Council staff reminded of public's high expectations

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-Staff of the //Karas Regional Council have been reminded of the public's high expectations when it comes to service delivery.

NamPol intensifies presence in //Karas to mitigate festive season crime

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-The Police in the //Karas Region have intensified their presence in an effort to stop criminal activities over the festive season.