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Kati M’kupulwa Pale Dingi is one of the biggest and most listened to radio stations in Namibia, with its listenership in access of one million. The station, which broadcast in Oshiwambo, is situated in Oshakati, with its presence felt across the country and abroad. Kati FM caters for people, ranging from young to elderly.
It provides an interactive environment for its listeners, affording them access to News, Current Affairs and Talk Shows, Music, Drama, Sport, Education, Weather and Traffic, with much emphasis on local content.

The station, formerly known as Oshiwambo Service was established in 1969 under the South African Broadcasting Corporation, SABC. It later joined the South West African Broadcasting Corporation, SWABC, in 1980. The Service was later transformed to be part of the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation in 1990.

The broadcasting time is 05:50- 00:00 (24h00)