Katima Mulilo to host farmer's market day

by editor1 / Apr 17, 2021 / 0 comments

The Zambezi Regional Council with support from the United Nations World Food Programme is organising a two-day farmers market day at Katima Mulilo.

Shoprite Katima Mulilo destroyed by fire

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-The Shoprite Katima Mulilo Complex has been destroyed by a fire that started during the early hours of this morning. Even though the town's firefighters arrived there on time there was little they could do as their tanks were empty because the town had no water at the time.

Katima Urban Councillor advises parents to keep children away from standing water

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-The Councillor of the Katima Urban Constituency, John Mukaya is advising motorists to be careful when driving through standing waters along the road to the area, noting that some pools may be deeper than they seem.

Katima Native Small Traders Association demand that they be allowed to sell on the streets

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-Members of the Native Small Traders Association staged a demonstration at Katima Mulilo demanding that they be allowed to sell their goods on the streets.

Locust infestation leaves a trail of destruction in Katima Rural Constituency

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-Swarms of locusts have invaded maize fields at Muhundu in Katima Rural Constituency over the past week leaving a trail of destruction.

Japan donates hospital equipment worth N$7,5 million to Katima State Hospital

by editor1 / Oct 11, 2019 / 0 comments
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Unicef Namibia

-Japan has donated hospital equipment to the Katima Mulilo State Hospital, as part of that country's grant of about N$7,5 million to Namibia to improve the health and nutritional status of women and children.

Katima NFCPT shop generates over N$1m since March

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-The Namibia Fish Consumption Promotion Trust (NFCPT) shop at Katima Mulilo has generated more than N$1 million since it opened its doors in March this year.

Katima Council reiterates call on Chotto water channel residents to relocate

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-The Katima Mulilo Town Council has reiterated its call on residents of Chotto water channel to relocate to their new plots.

Katima commissions servicing of land

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The Katima Mulilo Town Council has commissioned the servicing of land towards the development of extensions 23 and 24.

Katima Council starts road repairs

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-The Katima Mulilo Council started repairing the town's roads after recent heavy rains experienced in the area.