Kavango West

Kavango West Police tell residents to be careful at the river during the rainy season

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-NAMPOL's Head of Community Affairs in Kavango West, Inspector Raimbert Muronga has cautioned the residents to be extra careful or refrain from visiting the river, especially during the rainy season.

Police confiscate license discs and transport permits of public transporters in Kavango West

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-Public transport in the Kavango West Region came to a standstill on Wednesday, a day after the Namibian Police Traffic Department in that region confiscated long-distance transport licence discs and permits from sedans and seven-seaters.

Voting got underway in Kavango West without any hiccups

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-Voting got underway in Kavango West without any hiccups despite a poor turnout this morning.

Kavango West ballot papers arrive

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-The Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) in the Kavango West Region have today received ballot papers and other elections material.

Kavango West Governor, Sirka Ausiku urges AGRIBUSDEV to enhance production at green scheme projects

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-The Agriculture Business Development Agency (AGRIBUSDEV) has been urged to enhance production at the three green scheme projects in Kavango West.

N$41m for Kavango West renovations to address classroom shortages

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-The allocation of N$41 million to renovate schools and hostels in the Kavango West Region will help address the backlog in classrooms as well as access to water and sanitation at schools.

Disgruntled Kavango West residents remove illegal fence

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-Disgruntled residents of Pusa, Karo and Tamesa villages in the Kavango West have removed a fence that was allegedly erected illegally.

A family of 14 from Mulemba Village pleads for food after mahangu harvest burnt to ashes

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-A family of 14 from Mulemba Village in the Kavango West Region is pleading for food after all its mahangu harvest burnt to ashes.

Kavango West pleads for assistance in implementing Zone Green Scheme Project

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-The Kavango West Regional Council is pleading with the government to assist in the implementation of the Zone Green Scheme Project, following completion of an environmental impact assessment study.

Kavango West woman kicked to death by her 20-year-old son

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-The Namibian Police have reported several incidents of murder, occurring over the weekend, countrywide.