Keetmanshoop residents say drought relief food distribution is unfair

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-Keetmanshoop Rural Constituency residents complained about the unfair distribution of drought relief food by the regional council.

Keetmanshoop Urban Councillor-elect Maxie Minnaar says she will not disappoint electorate

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-The incoming councillor for the Keetmanshoop Urban Constituency, Maxie Minnaar of the Landless People's Movement, thanked the residents for showing trust in her to help improve their lives.

Keetmanshoop residents gearing up for tomorrow's by-elections

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-Residents of an informal settlement at Keetmanshoop are gearing up for the by-elections, saying issues facing the community are more than bread and butter.

Social grant beneficiaries at Keetmanshoop ask for dignified treatment

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-Beneficiaries of social grants at Keetmanshoop say they are still subjected to unfair treatment when receiving their monthly grants, as there is only one pay point for the entire town and surrounding areas with no chairs or shading.

Keetmanshoop to be considered one of the fastest growing towns in Namibia

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-Keetmanshoop Municipality Councillor, Ernst Jash says that the town of Keetmanshoop in the //Kharas Region can be considered as one of the fastest growing towns in Namibia.

Keetmanshoop residents stream to swimming pool as temperatures soar

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-Residents of Keetmanshoop are rushing to the local swimming pool to relax and cool off, as the temperature in the Southern parts of the country is extremely high.

Keetmanshoop business entities distribute food parcels worth N$135 000

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-The Mayoral Trust Fund of the Keetmanshoop Municipality, in collaboration with Metro Cash & Carry, Keetmanshoop Electricity Business Unit (KEBU) and the Namibian Fish Consumption Trust Fund, distributed food parcels worth close to N$135 000.

LPM's Maxie Minnaar promises rehabilitation centre for Keetmanshoop

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-Landless People's Movement's (LPM) candidate for the Keetmanshoop Urban Constituency, Maxie Minnaar promised to work closely with the central Government, to establish a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre, if elected councillor in the upcoming by-election.

NamPol launch 16 Days of Activism Against GBV in Keetmanshoop

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-The Namibian Police's //Kharas Regional Commander, David Indongo launched the 16 Days of Activism in Keetmanshoop with a call on residents to cooperate with the police in fighting violence against the most vulnerable.

Keetmanshoop children celebrate Universal Children's Day

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-Children at Keetmanshoop in the //Kharas Region joined their peers from around the world in celebrating Universal Children's Day.