//Kharas Region

Long-serving //Kharas regional councillor Paulus Efraim says he will not contest upcoming elections

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-One of the longest-serving regional councillors in the //Kharas Region Paulus Efraim will not stand as a candidate during the upcoming Regional and local authority elections.

No major incidents reported in //Kharas on Christmas eve

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-The Namibian Police in the //Kharas Region revealed that no major incidents were reported during Christmas eve in the //Kharas Region.

NamPol launches operation 'USALAMA SIX' in //Kharas

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-Police in the //Kharas Region have launched operation 'USALAMA SIX' to fight organised crime in the region.

Drug abuse in //Kharas remains a concern

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-Drug abuse in the //Kharas Region remains a growing concern, judging from recent statistics sourced from the regional police.

SORA | Over 200 //Karas households still use bucket toilets

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More than 200 households in the //Karas Region still use bucket toilets.

MVA Fund conducts community outreach at Bethanie

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-The Motor Vehicle Accident Fund (MVA) has started an outreach programme at Bethanie in the //Karas Region to assist accident victims with their outstanding claims.

Lightning kills 17 goats at farm Regina

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Rain is always welcome in the hot and dry //Kharas Region, but this natural phenomenon sometimes brings with it troubles and loss to farmers and residents alike.
A strong bout of the late rains of the current season caused one such farmer, Abraham Thomas, to loose a sizeable amount of his livestock at farm Regina, situated four kilometers outside Helmeringhausen in the Bethanie district.

//Kharas Region appoints 8 new principals

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Newly apointed school prinicpals in the //Karas Region are encouraged to comply with the Labour Act, and the Education Act of 2001.

Drop in domestic violence cases in //Kharas Region during holiday season

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The increase in police visibility during the festive season in the //Kharas Region has resulted in a reduction of domestic violence cases reported.

Communal farmers join in on producing Swakara pelts for international market

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Communal farmers in the //Karas Region have joined commercial farmers in producing quality Swakara pelts for the international market.