Lack of proper transport hampers police efforts to combat stock theft at Khorixas

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-Lack of proper transport is hampering police efforts to combat increasing cases of stock theft and the smuggling of drugs in the Khorixas area.

Khorixas councillors jump on defiant bandwagon

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The Swapo Councilors at Khorixas have also defied Secretary General Sophia Shaningwa's instructions to retain Elizabeth Geises as Mayor.

Food Bank now in Khorixas

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The Deputy Minister of Poverty Eradication and Social Welfare has launched the Food Bank programme for Khorixas residents in the Kunene Region.

Workers gather at Khorixas to celebrate Workers’ Day

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-Members from different unions, community members and officials from different ministries and agencies are gathering at Herbert Conradie Stadium to celebrate Workers’ Day at Khorixas in the Kunene Region.

First Lady extends #BeFree movement to Khorixas

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First Lady, Monica Geingos launched the #BeFree movement in Khorixas in the Kunene Region.

Vocational training centre a possible lifeline for struggling Khorixas

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-The setting up of a vocational training centre at Khorixas will serve as a lifeline for the town's struggle for economic freedom.

Police arrest four suspected poachers near Khorixas

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-Namibian Police in the Kunene Region arrested four suspected poachers near Khorixas.

Khorixas records most crime in Kunene

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A total of 127 crimes have been recorded in the Kunene Region since the beginning of the year. A report issued by the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) on Wednesday said Khorixas tops the list with 38 crimes, followed by Opuwo where 32 crimes were reported.

Two boys sodomised at Khorixas

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A case of attempted murder, rape and assault by threat has been registered at Khorixas against two boys, aged 15 and 14. Namibian Police Force Crime Investigations Coordinator in Kunene, Deputy Commissioner Rudolf Kanyetu told Nampa on Monday it is alleged the 15-year-old suspect threatened two boys, aged 7 and 8, with a machete.

Elephants causing terror in villages in the area south of Khorixas

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A herd of wild elephants is causing terror in villages in the area south of Khorixas and the northern parts of Uis.