Khorixas reservoir runs low

by editor1 / Oct 21, 2020 / 0 comments
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-The water levels of a potable water reservoir that supplies water to residents of Khorixas have been low since last Thursday due to technical problems.

New multi-million-dollar shopping centre at Khorixas lacks tenants

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-A multi-million-dollar shopping centre at Khorixas in Kunene Region that was envisaged to create hundreds of jobs and change the image of the town, turned out to be almost a white elephant upon completion.

Khorixas, Fransfontien offices provide free wifi for e-learning

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-The Khorixas and Fransfontein constituency offices have provided free wireless Internet for students in the constituencies to utilise for research purposes as well as to carry out online-based learning.

Muller donates food parcels

by editor / May 31, 2020 / 0 comments

-Delano Muller, three time Namibian Junior Sportsman of the year, recently donated food parcels and stationary to communities in Fransfontein and Khorixas

Kunene Health Director clarifies Children of Liberation Struggle appointments

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-Kunene Health Director, Thomas Shapumba recently met with the youth at Khorixas to clarify the appointments of six Children of Liberation Struggle into positions of cleaners at state health facilities in the region.

Khorixas Mayor vows to prioritise employment of youth in 2020

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-Khorixas Mayor Cleophas Tjunduwa has vowed to prioritise the employment of young people at the newly constructed mall and at the construction of the Kunene Vocational Training Centre (VTC), this year

Khorixas-based artist says making a living from art is possible

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-Making a living from arts and crafts is possible in Namibia, given the right amount of effort and dedication.

Khorixas farmers receive fodder from Regional Council

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-With the severe drought experienced throughout the country, farmers are losing livestock in droves.

Khorixas Food Bank beneficiaries thankful for the food parcels

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-Beneficiaries of the food bank initiative in Khorixas say the food parcels they have received are of great help in feeding their families, who struggle to afford a decent meal.

Khorixas to soon develop a VTC to tackle unemployment

by editor1 / Dec 16, 2019 / 0 comments

-Khorixas will soon develop a vocational training centre (VCT) for 3 000 young people, to tackle unemployment and develop skills for many young people in the town.