//Karas Youth Forum Chairperson confident that access to land will be addressed

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Despite only a handful of youth representatives at the just-ended second national land conference, the Chairperson of the //Karas Regional Youth Forum. Vivian de Koe is confident that youth concerns around access to affordable land, will soon be addressed.

Ngcukaitobi says unless land is shared equally it is impossible to talk about freedom

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-A South African legal expert says unless land is shared equally it is impossible to talk about freedom, equality, and dignity in Namibia.

Land conference delegates encourage rethink of land service model

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-The second National Land Conference has identified issues such as access to land as a fundamental challenge to housing delivery in urban areas.

Founding President Nujoma says land should belong to the state

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-Founding President Sam Nujoma has rejected claims for ancestral land in the country, saying the land should belong to the state.

Prime Minister warns people to stop grabbing land

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Prime Minister Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila has warned against the illegal occupation of land in some towns.

Angolan government warns northern farmers to stop grazing on their land

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The grazing of Namibian cattle in neighbouring Angola is illegal as the governments of the two countries have not signed an agreement in this regard, Ohangwena Governor Usko Nghaamwa has said.

Windhoek residents use people with disabilities to get land

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The City of Windhoek has noted with shock that people with disabilities are being fronted in applications for land ownership.

Deputy PM calls on Namibians to address land issue in a way that would benefit current and future generations

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-The Deputy Prime Minister Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah has called on Namibians to address the land issue at the upcoming land conference in such a way that it benefits current and future generations.

Katima commissions servicing of land

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The Katima Mulilo Town Council has commissioned the servicing of land towards the development of extensions 23 and 24.

Agriculture graduates feel left out from access to land

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-Graduates from agricultural training institutions feel they are left out when it comes to access to land, although they have the skills and qualifications needed for agricultural production.