Farmer loses 23 goats in lightning strike in Ohangwena

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-Heavy rain accompanied by strong winds and lightning caused damage to 23 homesteads at Okapundjena, Omundundu and Epundi villages in the Ohangwena Region last night.

Omusati woman dies after being struck by lightning

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-A 20-year-old woman died on Friday after she was struck by lightning while walking in a mahangu field at Omaandi village in the Omusati Region.

Lightning kills 17 goats at farm Regina

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Rain is always welcome in the hot and dry //Kharas Region, but this natural phenomenon sometimes brings with it troubles and loss to farmers and residents alike.
A strong bout of the late rains of the current season caused one such farmer, Abraham Thomas, to loose a sizeable amount of his livestock at farm Regina, situated four kilometers outside Helmeringhausen in the Bethanie district.

Five lightning victims buried in Zambezi

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Five family members who were killed by lightning in the Zambezi Region last week were buried in a mass grave at Katima Mulilo.

Family of five killed by lightning

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-Five people were killed by lightning at Mazwangendaba in the Chinchimani area of Sibbinda Constituency, in the Zambezi Region, Friday morning.

Lightning strike kills eleven cattle in the Kavango West

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-A farmer lost 11 of his cattle due to lightning this week.

Woman dies, two others escape with injuries after lightning strikes

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-A 36-year-old woman died on the spot while two others escaped with injuries when lightning struck in the Kavango East Region.

Lightning kills 13 head of cattle of Kavango West farmer

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-A farmer in the Kapako constituency of the Kavango West Region suffered a great loss after his 13 head of cattle were struck by lightning on Christmas Eve.