Kwandu Conservancy manager sympathises with Kongola residents who lost livestock

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-The manager of Kwandu Conservancy Albius Walubita has sympathised with the residents of Kongola in the Zambezi Region who lost livestock.

Mukwe Communities oppose removal of their livestock out of Bwabwata National Park

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-Communities in the Mukwe Constituency of the Kavago East Region are at loggerheads with the Ministry of Environment and Tourism over the removal of their livestock out of the Bwabwata National Park.

Livestock sector calls for more investment from Government, private sector

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-The livestock sector is calling for more investment both from the Government and the private sector.

COVID-19 outbreak impacts livestock prices

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-The COVID-19 outbreak has a serious impact on livestock prices and the availability of animals for slaughter.

COVID-19 pandemic poses a threat to survival crops and livestock farmers

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-With the agriculture sector, one of the biggest contributors to the GDP, the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic poses a threat to the survival of many crops and livestock farmers.

Okongo cattle farmers return livestock from Angola

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-Cattle farmers from Okongo in the Ohangwena Region have started returning their animals from Angola.

Livestock prices have gone up drastically since beginning of 2020

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-Livestock farmers are receiving good prices for the marketing of their animals since the beginning of the year.

Livestock numbers at auctions drop considerably

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-Livestock numbers in the country have dropped considerably following years of drought.

NAU says farmers will face challenges in rebuilding livestock sector after devastating drought

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-The Namibian Agricultural Union (NAU) says the next three years will be challenging in rebuilding the livestock sector after a devastating drought.

Farmer calls on Government to assist livestock farmers affected by drought

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-A commercial farmer in Okahandja district, Albert Tjihero has called on the Government to assist in the re-stocking of livestock to farmers affected by the drought.