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//Kharas Governor says the curriculum needs all stakeholders' support

by editor1 / Feb 07, 2020 / 0 comments
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-//Kharas Governor, Lucia Basson has reiterated that the success of the current curriculum depends on the participation of all stakeholders, including parents whom she says are very important stakeholders to the decision-making process.

//Karas Governor calls for construction of more vocational education training centres

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-//Karas Governor Lucia Basson has called for the construction of more vocational education training centres to facilitate job creation for young people.

Women encouraged to take up leadership positions

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The governor of the //Karas Region, Lucia Basson is calling on women to equip themselves with skills to acquire leadership positions.

Governor Basson says what she gave up during the struggle was never in vain

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The fight for Namibia's Independence was fought on many fronts, one of which was the mobilisation of resistance within the country.

NDF applauded for the role in disaster management

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The //Karas regional governor, Lucia Basson applauded members of the Namibian Defence for the role they continue to play in disaster mitigation

Aroab Small Farmers Association's meeting with //Karas Regional Governor fruitful

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The Aroab Small Farmers Association has described its meeting with //Karas Regional Governor Lucia Basson as promising and fruitful.

Aroab Small Farmers Association lost trust in //Karas Governor

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The Aroab Small Farmers Association says it has lost trust in //Karas Governor Lucia Basson, because of alleged racist remarks she made about them.

Kosis village to receive clinic

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Efforts are being made in the //Karas region to bring healthcare to the rural communities, and Kosis village is one of the areas where a clinic is expected to be built.