Luderitz CEO says provision of affordable land possible through flexible land tenure

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-The provision of affordable land, under the current economic circumstances, is only possible through flexible land tenure.

Land clearing on the outskirts of Luderitz to plant animal feed commenced

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-The clearing of about three hectares of land on the outskirts of Luderitz to plant animal feed has commenced.

NCCI Luderitz urges local businesses to continue operating despite hardships

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-The Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry's (NCCI) branch at Luderitz has urged local businesses to continue doing business, despite the hardships due to COVID-19.

Labour Minister urges Luderitz stakeholders to ensure jobs are not lost

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-Labour Industrial Relations and Employment Creations Minister Utoni Nujoma is urging stakeholders at Luderitz to play their part in ensuring jobs are not lost due to retrenchments.

Martha Amakali sworn in as new Luderitz Councillor

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-Martha Amakali has been sworn in as the new councillor for Luderitz Local Authority.

Aidamira passengers tested at Lüderitz

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-The Ministry of Health and Social Services today issued a statement after a video of passengers from a cruise ship docking at Walvis Bay went viral.

N$600 000, fish worth N$1,8 million pledged towards hosting Annual Crayfish Festival

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-Cash of more than N$600 000 and fish worth N$1,8 million was pledged towards to hosting of the 13th Annual Crayfish Festival at Luderitz.

261 Women at Luderitz take part in the cervical cancer examination

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-A total of 261 women at Luderitz in the //Kharas Region were recently tested for cervical cancer, with about 18 on treatment after being diagnosed with abnormal cells.

Luderitz mayor pledges to improve living standards

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-SWAPO's Luderitz Councillor, Brigitte Fredericks has vowed to improve the living standards of the residents.

Luderitz residents commended for speaking out against social ills

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-The Chairperson of the National Council, Margaret Mensah-Williams commended residents of Luderitz for speaking out against social ills.