261 Women at Luderitz take part in the cervical cancer examination

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-A total of 261 women at Luderitz in the //Kharas Region were recently tested for cervical cancer, with about 18 on treatment after being diagnosed with abnormal cells.

Luderitz mayor pledges to improve living standards

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-SWAPO's Luderitz Councillor, Brigitte Fredericks has vowed to improve the living standards of the residents.

Luderitz residents commended for speaking out against social ills

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-The Chairperson of the National Council, Margaret Mensah-Williams commended residents of Luderitz for speaking out against social ills.

NBC takes stakeholder engagement campaign to Luderitz

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The NBC continues to engage stakeholders countrywide to inform them about its products and services.

Energy Minister hopes Namibia can generate 60% of its energy from renewable resources

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Wind energy resources around Luderitz have the capacity to serve the entire country's energy needs.

Multi-million dollar ice production facility inaugurated at Luderitz

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A multi-million dollar ice production facility has been inaugurated at Luderitz.

Luderitz to clamp down on illegal electricity connections

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-The Luderitz Town Council in the //Karas Region will carry out a door-to-door inspections, from next month, to curb illegal electricity connections in Area 7 and Amilema informal settlements.

New fire station opened at Luderitz

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Local authorities are obliged to put in place effective emergency response systems.

Luderitz Crayfish Festival patron calls for commitment to fast-track development

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-The Patron of the Luderitz Crayfish Festival has called for commitment to fast-track development at the town.

#BusinessToday | Luderitz to revive tourism activities at Diaz Cross

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-Visitors to Diaz Cross in Luderitz are unable to access the original Diaz Cross site which was declared a national monument in 1973.