NBC takes stakeholder engagement campaign to Luderitz

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The NBC continues to engage stakeholders countrywide to inform them about its products and services.

Energy Minister hopes Namibia can generate 60% of its energy from renewable resources

by editor1 / May 07, 2018 / 0 comments

Wind energy resources around Luderitz have the capacity to serve the entire country's energy needs.

Multi-million dollar ice production facility inaugurated at Luderitz

by editor1 / Apr 29, 2018 / 0 comments

A multi-million dollar ice production facility has been inaugurated at Luderitz.

Luderitz to clamp down on illegal electricity connections

by editor1 / Apr 22, 2018 / 0 comments

-The Luderitz Town Council in the //Karas Region will carry out a door-to-door inspections, from next month, to curb illegal electricity connections in Area 7 and Amilema informal settlements.

New fire station opened at Luderitz

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Local authorities are obliged to put in place effective emergency response systems.

Luderitz Crayfish Festival patron calls for commitment to fast-track development

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-The Patron of the Luderitz Crayfish Festival has called for commitment to fast-track development at the town.

#BusinessToday | Luderitz to revive tourism activities at Diaz Cross

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-Visitors to Diaz Cross in Luderitz are unable to access the original Diaz Cross site which was declared a national monument in 1973.

Local Authority officials gather at Luderitz

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Delegates representing local authorities in Namibia identified the delay in the implementation and delivery of projects as one of the challenges faced by local authorities.

Luderitz is fast running out of land for development initiatives

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-The town of Luderitz in the //Karas Region is fast running out of land for new development initiatives.

Luderitz going through major transformation

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-The town of Luderitz, which has historically anchored its economy on fishing, mining and tourism is going through a major transformation.