Namibia experiences increase in Malaria cases since December

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-Namibia is experiencing an increase in Malaria cases since December last year.

INTERVIEW | Health Minister Dr Kalumbi Shangula on fighting malaria

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-Ridding the world of malaria in the near future is a very ambitious goal. Efforts to achieve it have already been weakened by governments shifting resources from malaria control and elimination initiatives to the fight against COVID-19.

Ohangwena registers increase in malaria cases

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-The Ohangwena Region has registered an increase in malaria cases, with 1 106 confirmed positive cases and two deaths between January to 15 March this year, compared to 610 cases last year.

Oshakati sets aside N$250 000 towards malaria indoor residual spraying

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-The Oshakati Town Council has set aside N$250 000 towards its annual malaria indoor residual spraying.

Health Ministry prepares for campaign against Malaria

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-The Ministry of Health and Social Services' annual indoor Malaria spray programme in the Zambezi has only managed to reach 84% coverage in 2018.

Ohangwena residents refuse malaria residual spray

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Some residents in the Ohangwena Region are refusing to have their houses sprayed against mosquitoes since the indoor residual spraying campaign started about two months ago.

SADC members urged to enhance efforts to eliminate Malaria

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SADC member states have been urged to enhance their efforts to eliminate Malaria.

Zambezi residents continue to deny malaria control officials access to spray their houses

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-Some residents in the Zambezi Region continue to deny officials of the malaria control programme access to spray their houses, despite Government's efforts to control disease in the area.

Significant progress made towards eliminating malaria in SADC

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Significant progress has been made towards eliminating malaria in Southern African countries.

Increase in malaria cases reported in Kavango East and West regions

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The Kavango East and West regions have experienced an increase in malaria cases.