Windhoekers march against EVMs

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New Era

-Windhoek residents staged a peaceful demonstration against the use of electronic voting machines (EVMs) in this month's Presidential and National Assembly Election, in Windhoek.

Windhoek marchers remember slain Cheryl Avihe Ujaha

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-Concerned Windhoekers, including top Government officials, gathered in central Katutura to march against the brutal killing of nine-year-old Cheryl Avihe Ujaha on Friday.

Windhoek residents march against GBV

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Women from different backgrounds, joined by a few men, participated in a march against gender-based violence (GBV) in the country.

Okahandja residents call for removal of Councillors

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Over 400 Okahandja residents on Wednesday marched to their municipal office, demanding the removal of town Councillors.

Former SWATF and Koevoet soldiers attempt to march to State House

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Former SWATF and Koevoet soldiers again marched from their camp along Clemence Kapuuo Street enroute to State House.

Livestock farmers given till end March to register with Meat Board of Namibia

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-Livestock farmers have until the end of March, to register themselves as producers with the Meat Board of Namibia, or else they will not be able to sell their animals.

Former Koevoet and SWATF soldiers march unannounced to State House

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-Former Koevoet and SWATF soldiers say they have lost hope in the country's leaders.

Giddy Zimbabweans gather in capital to march against Mugabe

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-Euphoric crowds have gathered in Zimbabwe's capital to demand the departure of President Robert Mugabe after nearly four decades in power.

Gibeon youth march to constituency Councillor's office

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-The sleepy village of Gibeon, in the Hardap Region, was turned into a hive of activity last week when a group of unemployed youth marched to the constituency Councillor's office.

Rehoboth residents march against councillor Edward Wambo

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-Some residents in the Rehoboth Urban East Constituency in the Hardap Region marched to the office of Minister of Urban and Rural Development.