Maxie Minnaar

Minnaar a modern-day female revolutionary - Swartbooi

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-Landless People's Movement, Bernadus Swartbooi has described the late Maxie Minnaar as a symbol of a modern-day female revolutionary, a political tactician and humble person.

//Kharas Regional Council announces the death of LPM's Maxie Minnaar

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-The Chairperson of the //Kharas Regional Council has sent his condolences to the family of the late Keetmanshoop Urban Constituency Councilor Maxie Minnaar.

LPM's Maxie Minnaar promises rehabilitation centre for Keetmanshoop

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-Landless People's Movement's (LPM) candidate for the Keetmanshoop Urban Constituency, Maxie Minnaar promised to work closely with the central Government, to establish a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre, if elected councillor in the upcoming by-election.