Windhoek Mayor Fransina Kahungu offers disgruntled resident food for work

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-Windhoek City Mayor Fransina Kahungu visited the Hakahana informal settlement to assess the city's COVID-19 water distribution programme.
This comes after resident Kenneth Mareka complained about a host of issues affecting them.

Kandingu sworn in as Rundu mayor

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-The election and swearing-in of office bearers of the Rundu Town Council have been postponed to Monday.

Windhoek Mayor relocates office to Babylon

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-The newly elected City of Windhoek (CoW) Mayor, Francina Kahungu has announced the relocation of her office from the city centre to Nathaniel Maxuilili Community Centre in Babylon informal settlement.

Fransina Kahungu elected Mayor of Windhoek

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-Former Deputy Mayor of the City of Windhoek, Fransina Kahungu has been duly elected as new Mayor replacing Muesee Kazapua, who will now become an ordinary councillor.

Swakop re-elects mayor

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Since Local Authority elections were held in 2015, women have featured prominently on the Swakopmund Town Council, with four being councillors.

Oshakati Mayor re-elected

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Oshakati's Mayor promised to serve residents of Oshakati diligently with the meagre resources at the council's disposal.

Henties Bay Mayor accuses residents of bribing councillors

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The Henties Bay Mayor says he is excited to see residents exercising their democratic right.

City of Windhoek re-elects Muesee Kazapua as mayor

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-Muesee Kazapua has been re-elected as the City of Windhoek mayor, while Teckla Uugwanga will serve as deputy mayor for the year 2018.

Katima Mulilo Mayor calls on residents to keep the town clean

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-The Mayor of Katima Mulilo has called on residents to keep the town clean, saying it's a gateway to most southern African countries.

Usakos mayor refutes charge that new division is unlawful

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-The Usakos Mayor has refuted a charge, that its establishing a 'Corporate Services, Economic Development and Urban Management' division, at the Town Council is unlawful.