About 87 mine workers tested positive for COVID-19 in Namibia

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-The mining industry too has been negatively affected by COVID-19 with about 87 mine workers contracting the disease.

National Policy on Prospecting and Mining in Protected Areas launched

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-A policy aimed at ensuring that tourism and mining co-exist in protected areas in a well-coordinated and regulated manner was launched at Lüderitz.

Chamber of Mines says Namibia's mining industry has grown significantly

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Chamber of Mines

-Namibia's Chamber of Mines says the country's mining industry has grown significantly over the past few years.

#BusinessToday | Sand mining remains serious concern

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-Sand mining remains a serious concern to the Environment and Tourism Ministry.

#BusinessToday | Namdeb's diamond mining operations on land expected to end by 2022

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-Diamond mining operations conducted by Namdeb on land are expected to scale down over the next few years and are expected to end by 2022.

NUNW expresses concern over labour outsourcing

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The National Union of Namibian Workers is worried about mining companies outsourcing its core functions.