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Ministry of Health concerned about the surge in COVID-19 deaths

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-The Ministry of Health and Social Services says it is concerned about a surge in COVID-19 deaths.

Ministry to investigate high number of COVID-19 infections among health workers

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The Ministry of Health and Social Service has ordered an investigation into the high number of COVID-19 infections among health workers.

Red Cross, Ministry of Health visit Windhoek Rural farmers

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-Farmers in Windhoek Rural do not have access to basic services such as clinics and schools.

Ministry of Health to provide Remdesivir without any extra costs

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-Minister of Health, Dr Kalumbi Shangula says his ministry will provide the newly procured antiviral drug used in patients with severe COVID-19 symptoms, without any extra costs.

Social workers provide psychosocial support to the homeless during COVID-19

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-During the panel discussion at the COVID-19 Communication Centre, Ministry of Health and Social Services' Chief Social Worker, Tuhafeni Talia and Christa Hansen, a social worker at the ministry, said they responded to the directive by the President to remove all people without shelter from the street.

Deputy Minister of Health credits swift action for Namibia's success in containing COVID-19

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-The Deputy Minister of Health and Social Services says Namibia is doing well in dealing with cases of COVID-19 because the country acted swiftly with preventative measures to curb the pandemic.

Some Ministry of Health employees to receive salaries late

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-Some employees in the Ministry of Health and Social Services are unhappy about the delay in their salaries for this month.

Laws hinder private sector contribution in Health

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The Minister of Health and Social Services expressed discontent against the Public Procurement Act and the Public Private Partnership Act saying it hampers the implementation of programmes aimed at uplifting the health sector.

Ministry of Health staff complement on the rise

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-The staff complement in the Ministry of Health and Social Services has increased.

Ministry of Health receives contraceptives worth N$7 million

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-Access to contraceptives is an essential part of child health care that can help reduce maternal and infant mortality as well as the high incidents of teenage pregnancies in Namibia.