We demand safety of our customers during festive season - NABTA

by editor1 / Dec 12, 2019 / 0 comments
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-Namibia Buses and Taxi Association (NABTA) loading master, Frieda Ngwena, has emphasised that public transport drivers should be extra patient and stick to traffic rules to avoid road accidents during the festive season.

NABTA and NTTU in disagreement over a planned taxi strike

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The Namibia Buses and Taxi Association (NABTA) and the Namibia Transport and Taxi Union (NTTU) are in disagreement over a planned demonstration on 23 April.

City Police and NABTA embroiled in bitter stand-off

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-The leadership of the City Police and the Namibia Bus and Taxi Association (NABTA) are embroiled in a bitter stand-off.

Bus owners offer reduced prices

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-A lack of passengers to northern parts of Namibia in this post-festive period - has prompted bus owners at Monte Cristo station in Windhoek - to offer reduced prices.

Bus and taxi fares to increase

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The Namibia Bus and Taxi Association, NABTA, has called on the public to brace themselves for increases in taxi and bus fares.

NABTA distances itself from alleged fair increase in Erongo

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The Executive Committee of the Namibia Bus and Taxi Association has distanced itself from an announcement made earlier in the day of an alleged fair increase in the Erongo region.

NABTA to consider charging passengers for their luggage

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Namibia Bus and Taxi Association, NABTA, is considering that taxis start charging for luggage.

Long distance travellers warned against illegal associations

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Long distance travellers are being warned against illegal associations that increase fares unlawfully. The warning comes from the two rival transport unions, the Namibia Bus and Taxi Association, NABTA, and the Namibia Public Passengers Transport Association, NPPTA.