Namibia paths way for Ghanaian tourists

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Namibia's travel trade and Air Namibia want to strengthen the country's tourism interests with Ghana.

Namibia will have climate change mitigation action plan by 2030

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-The Environmental Investment Fund (EIF) is confident Namibia will have strategy and action plan in place by 2030 to mitigate the impact of climate change.

Namibia develops mechanisms to focus on migration

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-Namibia will develop mechanisms to implement the action plan which was approved at the 32nd Summit of the African Union.

Namibia joins the world in commemorating World Radio Day

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Radio remains a powerful medium reaching the widest audience in disseminating information and as such, there is a need to invest in this powerful communication.

Namibia wins AU gender award

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Namibian Mission at AU

Namibia received the 2019 African Union Commission award for promoting gender equality.

Rehearsals underway for the opening of parliament

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Rehearsals for the official opening of Parliament is underway. President Hage Geingob will on Wednesday open the 9th session of the 6th Parliament under the theme, 'Promoting Integrity, Accountability and Professionalism'.

Namibia supports Egypt's AU chairmanship

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The Government says it would have been unfair to deny Egypt the rotating AU chairmanship position over claims by lobby groups.

Namibia does not exist in isolation - Simataa defends President's trips

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The Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Stanley Simataa, on Thursday chastised media organisations for reporting on the number of trips President Hage Geingob has undertaken, saying Namibia is a member of the global community.

Not enough courts in Namibia - Chief Justice Shivute

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Chief Justice Peter Shivute says inadequate courtrooms are a stumbling block in the speedy finalisation of criminal cases.

IUCN Africa Rhino Specialist Group in Namibia to discuss rhino protection

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IUCN Africa Rhino Specialist Group is in Namibia for a week long workshop to deliberate on better ways of protecting the rhino species in the world.